Social Media Consulting

Social media can no longer be ignored or passed off to the intern or youngest person on your team. We are finally seeing CEO’s tweeting. Does the thought of that make you cringe? If so, you’re not alone. Many professionals find social media to be intimidating better left for the younger generation. That thinking will get your nowhere fast.

We will work with you at your own pace. Small chunks at a time, until you are tweeting, linking-in, facebooking, or pinning with the 20-somethings. Social media is not as hard as you think, however, there are definitely things you should know and ways to maximize your efforts.

BizTechLink will assess the social media platform(s) on which you should spend time and resources and create a strategy that serve to best support company goals.

Social Media for Business

Offering the following social media services for business consulting:

  • assess which social media platform(s) on which to focus
  • assess best use of social media, including: customer lead generation, customer retention, customer service
  • educate and train management and employees on how to use social media
  • optimize each social media platform for search engines
  • advise on what to post, how often, etiquette
  • how to increase followers and likes
  • how to address potential negative feedback
  • how to use social media to your advantage at your next industry trade show or expo
  • how smart phones play a vital role in social media
We also offer individualized professional social media coaching to executives, sales consultants, and real estate agents.

Offering Social Media training and management, including:

  • Linkedin
  • Twitter for Business
  • Facebook for Business
  • Pinterest for Business
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

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If you need help getting started using social media or need an expert to help optimize one or more social media channels, please send us an email or call (518)281-3608.