SEO (search engine optimization) changed since I first started in the year 2000! Back then I could change a meta keyword and your website would soar to number one in the search engines. Ah, those were the days.

Fast forward to 2017, and everything is different.

Or is it? SEO has always been about and continues to be – about, great content that nurtures an engaged audience. It’s about making your content so compelling that visitors will automatically want to link to your website.

SEO is not just for your website any longer; everything should be optimized to have the greatest impact on website traffic and engagement. From YouTube videos to Facebook to blogs and everything in between.

SEO Experience

As a search engine optimization firm who has been providing SEO services since 2000, we rely on, experience, a solid website framework, the newest search researchconcise and persuasive copy and a solid strategy for the long haul.

When is the Right Time for SEO?

Don’t wait until your website is already designed to request optimization. It can certainly be done, and we do it all the time, however, you will save loads of time and money when your website is optimized from the beginning – before website design begins. We work on the following:

  • architecture
  • navigation
  • short website load-time
  • image perception
  • product / service layout
  • copy
  • call to action clarity
  • linking strategy
  • site statistics

Researching the keywords that people use to find your site is one of the most crucial pieces to the success of the optimization effort.


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