Web Design

Whether you need a website designed for a new business or a redesign for an existing company, BizTechLink strives to understand your business and its needs before we discuss design.

Our initial interview helps us gain insight into your business; its unique selling point, challenges, goals, target audience, and so much more. We must understand your business in order to develop a layout and content strategy which is optimized for the search engines (SEO) and will convert visitors into leads or buyers.

We recommend a platform that will grow with your business so you spend less on future redesigns. And we only build websites using search engine-friendly content management systems (CMS), such as WordPress or Expression Engine. CMS provides a back-end interface to update your website’s content from any internet-accessible computer. The beauty of CMS is it lowers your ongoing maintenance costs, allows non-techie people to make content updates, and puts you in control of your own website.

The reason why small businesses choose BizTechLink to design their website is we make the process easy and our experience saves you from hiring an SEO expert once your website is built. You’re already getting that with us. Save money. Save time. Hire the experts. Since 2000.

Web Design Scenarios We Encounter:

  • Client pays $6k and up for a flash-based website that is practically invisible to the search engines and does not display on the iPad, iPhone, or iPod because those devices don’t read Flash files.
  • Client pays thousands of dollars for a beautifully designed website but it does not perform well in the search engines or convert visitors into buyers
  • Client hires their college-age computer techie nephew to design a website who doesn’t have a full understanding of the business or he built it without using a CMS platform and the business owner has to rely on that very busy and distracted nephew to make changes to the website
  • Client hired a company that offered low upfront design costs but much higher monthly maintenance costs – and then, hosted it as a sub-domain under the designer’s domain name (that’s a double whammy!)
  • Client is a DIY’er who took matters into their own hands and used GoDaddy website builder, Intuit websites, or any other DIY website builder and wonders why their website isn’t coming up in the search engines and doesn’t bring them leads. They may have a plan that allows up to 5 pages for x dollars. Then when they need more pages, suddenly the monthly price doubles up to $20 per month for a ten-page website. This is a complete ripoff.

We understand all of the above-mentioned scenarios. A business owner is not versed in web design and is easily lead down the wrong path by well-meaning web designers. Many times it comes down to a lack of money in the budget for website expenses, so they choose the least expensive route. That’s a dangerous position to be in because it can end of up costing you much, much more in the long run. And do you really want to short-change your online presence where 80% of buyers visit the website before making a purchase?

A Fresh Eye Analysis  Not ready for a redesign? Hire BizTechLink to take a thorough look at your website with a fresh eye. You will be presented with an action-packed written list of to-do’s that you (or we) can put to work right away to start driving and converting traffic. Pricing starts at $300.


Web Design & Development Process with SEO

Here are just some of the important elements we include in our web development:

  • SEO search engine-friendly
  • keyword research
  • meta tags
  • layout and architecture
  • code compliance
  • web browser compatibility
  • multi-device accessible
  • button structure and naming
  • URL naming
  • visitor paths
  • internal and external link structure
  • color, graphic and design choices
  • conversions: call-to-action items
  • customer optimized web copy
  • search engine optimized web copy
  • maintenance and update capabilities through CMS (content management system)
  • website statistic tracking with Google Analytics
  • 301 redirects, if redesign, to let search engines know where to find the new pages/urls

We offer web design services in Albany, New York’s Capital Region and throughout the United States. We offer competitive pricing. We are not the most expensive nor the least.

Call BizTechLink to discuss your web design project at 518.281-3608.